Medicine Dosage System
  • Medicine Dosage System  

    We are able to supply medicines within a monitored dosage system for people who have the trouble of remembering to take their medication, or those who don't take their medication at the correct time.

    We are dedicated to the health of all patients either within a care home or community environment. We aim to provide all healthcare professionals with a system that runs smoothly and efficiently to ensure that everyone involved enjoys all the benefits that the Nomad® system and the Knights Pharmacy team have to offer.

  • Do I Qualify For This Service?  

    If you have been referred by your Doctor, Community Nurse or Health Visitor as a patient who would benefit from the system, then you will qualify for this service.

    We also have a small number of private monitored systems for patients that fall outside the NHS scheme; however we do charge a small fee for the provision of this service.

  • What Does This Service Include?  

    We use the NOMAD CLEAR monitored dose system:

      • Weekly sealed medicine container
      • Four dosage intervals per day (breakfast, lunch, tea, bedtime)
      • Seven days supply per container
      • Container is clearly labelled with the dosage instructions
      • Medication is firmly sealed into the cassette with a tamperproof seal
      • Container is disposable (as long as no medicines are left in it)

    Easily transportable if patient goes out for day or on holiday. If you would like to enquire about a monitored dosage system for yourself or a relative or friend please contact us.