Medicines Use Review
  • Medicines Check 

    A Medicines Use Review is an private one to one chat with your pharmacist to focus on how you are getting on with your medicines.

    It will take place in your local pharmacy and can be booked through any Knights pharmacy store. The way in which you take your medication can have a huge impact on how effective they are and the amount they impact on your life in both a positive and negative way, with a Knights Medicines Check we will ensure that you are getting the most from your medicine! It is an NHS service – which makes it totally FREE to you!

  • You can ask for a medicines use review if:  
    • You are regularly taking more than one prescription medicine.
    • You are taking medicines for a long term illness (like asthma, arthritis, diabetes or epilepsy).
    • You've been receiving your medicines from your Knights Pharmacy for 3 months or more.
  • Do I need a Medicines Check?  

    A medicine's review is useful for a large variety of people including those who might find themselves in the following circumstances:

      • You are suffering from uncontroled symptoms
      • You aren't sure how to take your medicine
      • You aren't sure when to take your medicine
      • You're struggling to take your medicine
      • You don't understand why you are taking the medicines
      • You've stopped taking your medicines
      • You think you are suffering from side effects from your medicines

    Even if you’re not in either of these groups, you can ask your pharmacist for advice at any time. Your pharmacist will be happy to arrange a review meeting, and may even suggest it. A Medicines Check with your Knights Pharmacist will usually take around 10 minutes and is completly confidential and both you and your Doctor will receive a copy of the check.

  • How do I receive this service? 

    When you collect your prescriptions you may ask the pharmacist for a review and the staff will book you an appointment either immediately while you wait or at a convenient time in the following week.
    Alternately you can phone your local store and book an appointment at a time to suit you.