What is High Blood Pressure Testing & Why Do You Need it?

blood pressure test Rugby Birstall

A blood pressure test in Rugby & Birstall checks if your blood pressure is normal or if it’s high or low. Blood pressure can be described as the strength with which blood applies to the sides of the arteries when moving around the body.

Even though low blood pressure (hypotension) can lead to fainting and dizziness in some people, it’s not considered to be much of a problem.

On the other hand, if not treated, high blood pressure (hypertension) can increase the chances of experiencing serious complications like strokes and heart attacks.

Taking a quick test is the best way of finding out whether your blood pressure is low, normal, or high, and it could end up saving your life.

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When and where to get your blood pressure test in Rugby & Birstall

If you have any worries about your blood pressure, it’s crucial that you have a blood pressure test.

You can get the blood pressure test as part of an NHS Health Check if you are above 40 years of age. This test is provided every five years to adults in the UK between the ages of 40 and 74.

More frequent blood pressure tests may be necessary if you’ve been diagnosed with either low or high blood pressure, or if you are at higher risk of developing either condition.

You can have your blood pressure tested at one of the Knights Pharmacy branches across the UK.

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blood pressure test Rugby Birstall

How to prepare for the test

There are no special preparations required prior to a blood pressure test. But there are a few steps that may assist your pharmacist in achieving a more accurate result.

  • Avoid smoking, working out, or drinking caffeine for 30 minutes to an hour prior to the test. These activities increase your blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Consider putting on a short-sleeved shirt to easily place the blood pressure cuff around your arm.
  • Take a rest in a chair for at least five minutes prior to the test.
  • Update your pharmacist on any medications you are taking at the moment. Some medicines may interfere with your blood pressure.

How a blood pressure test in Rugby & Birstall is done

The machines used for blood pressure testing vary, but all of them are measuring devices that also have an arm cuff attached to them.

The cuff is usually placed around your upper arm then filled with air until it’s tight enough. Even though it may feel uncomfortable, it will only last for a few seconds.

When your blood pressure is measured, it’s necessary to relax and be quiet.

Your pharmacist may also use a stethoscope to record your results. An automated device typically collects the measurements from sensors in the arm cuff and then sends them to a digital display.

The results should be available straight away.

blood pressure test Rugby Birstall

After the procedure

If the results show that your blood pressure is low or high, you’ll be required to take at least three more blood tests, with at least a week between them, to tell whether treatment is required. Blood pressure can change at any given time or day.

Receiving your results

You will be provided with your blood pressure results immediately after the test is done.

The measurements for blood pressure are in mm Hg (millimeters of mercury).

Find your nearest Knights Pharmacy branch today and get your blood pressure tested. You can also contact us to book your appointment.

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