Knights Pharmacy Sponsorships

Knights Pharmacy Sponsorships

Strengthening Communities Through Partnership

At Knights Pharmacy, we are proud to support various organisations and events through our sponsorships. These partnerships allow us to actively contribute to the betterment of communities while promoting our commitment to health and well-being.

Our sponsorships go beyond financial support. We actively engage with our sponsored organisations, providing expertise and resources to maximise their impact. These partnerships enable us to actively create positive change and inspire others to participate in community-building initiatives.

We currently sponsor:

  • Redditch United FC: As the Official Healthcare Partner of Redditch United FC, we work closely with the club to ensure the health and well-being of the players. Our collaboration extends to supporting the Under 11’s team by providing them with their official kit.
  • Bromsgrove Rovers AFC: We are thrilled to provide Bromsgrove Rovers AFC with training tops as part of our sponsorship. This partnership highlights our dedication to promoting active lifestyles and supporting local sports clubs.
  • GlastonBeoley: Knights Pharmacy is honoured to be the Official Healthcare Partner of GlastonBeoley Festival. Our involvement ensures that attendees have access to essential health services during this iconic event.
  • Glastonselfy: A music festival in memory and to celebrate the life of Leanne self. With its engaging performances and welcoming atmosphere, Glastonselfy embodies the essence of creativity, unity, and joy.
  • Rhostyllen FC: We are delighted to support Rhostyllen FC, a local football club, in their pursuit of success. By partnering with Rhostyllen FC, we aim to encourage sportsmanship and community engagement.
  • Poulton Athletic FC: Knights Pharmacy proudly sponsors Poulton Athletic FC, a club that fosters the development of young football players. Our support contributes to creating a nurturing environment for aspiring athletes.
  • Redditch Tennis Club: Through our sponsorship of Redditch Tennis Club, Knights Pharmacy encourages the love for tennis and promotes an active lifestyle, aligning with our commitment to fostering health and well-being within the community.
    Redditch Tennis Club
    As we speak, our very own Felix Gill from Redditch is competing in professional tennis events in Serbia, representing our club with passion and determination.
    At Redditch Tennis Club, they believe that the power of the sport lies not only in the thrill of competition but also in the bonds forged through shared experiences.
  • Pontblyddyn Cricket Club: Knights Pharmacy is excited to be a sponsor of Pontblyddyn Cricket Club. By supporting this club, we actively contribute to the growth of cricket and promote a sense of camaraderie among players.
  • Cardiff University Pharmacy Netball Team: We are thrilled to share the remarkable achievements of the Cardiff University Pharmacy Netball Team, proudly sponsored by Knights Pharmacy.
    Our A team secured an impressive second place in the premier league, while our B team displayed tremendous growth by advancing two leagues to premier league 2.
    Cardiff University Pharmacy Netball Team
    Thanks to Knights Pharmacy’s sponsorship, they have been able to maintain affordable membership prices, opening the doors to pharmacy netball for a broader range of aspiring athletes. This year witnessed an incredible surge in membership, with over 40 consistent members, marking a significant increase from previous years.
    Furthermore, Cardiff University Pharmacy Netball Team celebrated victories, such as our fifth consecutive win in the Pharmacy vs. Optometry varsity, participated in fundraising endeavours for the PAPYRUS charity, and gave recognition to Knights Pharmacy at our annual Netball Ball.

As we continue to forge new sponsorships, we remain dedicated to empowering communities, fostering health, and inspiring change. Through our collaborative efforts, we strive to make a lasting difference in the lives of individuals and the communities we serve.