Weight Management

The best way to manage your weight is still through eating healthily and doing plenty of exercise. For many people, this may be easier said than done. This is why dietitians and clinical psychologists are combining their expertise to help you take the necessary steps to manage your weight. These include:

  • Choose healthy foods
  • Eating regularly
  • Choosing healthier portions
  • Becoming more physically active

We can also work with you to help you recognize and manage complex relationships with food. This may involve helping:

  • With motivation to change eating and activity habits
  • With difficulties that may get in the way of making changes
  • To deal with your food cravings more effectively
  • To cope with setbacks
  • To manage uncomfortable emotions that may lead to overeating

Food Intolerance Testing

A person’s tolerance to certain foods can vary from day to day, and it’s not clearly understood how some foods can cause such a variety of symptoms, but not a full-blown allergic reaction.
Doctors specializing in allergic reactions use blood tests to look for the level of immune reaction within the body, but these too often fail to pick up an intolerance.
As you have found, the most successful way of dealing with any intolerance is an exclusion diet.

This involves eliminating suspect foods from the diet and then gradually reintroducing them. Problem foods soon make themselves known.
It would be a good idea to keep the suspect foods out of your diet for a bit longer. Then, try eating small amounts at a time and waiting a few days to observe any adverse effects before eating more.

Remember, a healthy lifestyle can often be the best medicine. We can help!