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You trust us with your healthcare, now trust us with your hearing.

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You trust us with your healthcare, now trust us with your hearing.

Bloom’s Hearing Care Service

Do people say that you have the TV volume up too loud? Do you find it hard to follow the conversation in noisy situations? Do you often ask people to repeat themselves or misunderstand what is being said? If you said YES to any of these then bloom can help you hear better again.

Coming to terms with the fact that you or a loved one may no longer be hearing as well as you once did isn’t easy but finding the right help is. In partnership with bloom hearing specialists we can offer you a hearing healthcare service that can make a real difference to your life.

Bloom’s Hearing Care Service

Better hearing starts with a 30-minute call

Getting started is easy, all you need is a phone and 30 minutes. During your appointment, their Audiologist will ask you about your daily life, interests, and hearing challenges. The next step, if suitable, would be to have a demonstration of a hearing aid or a 60-day test drive.

Bloom hearing specialists offer the highest level of service and aftercare which is included in their price.

  • Unlimited, free access to an Audiologist
  • Remote Care service which means they can see you safely, even during periods of lockdown, and adjust hearing aids
  • Free home visits if required by an Audiologist
  • Customer Care Centre based in a UK head office
  • 4-year warranty on the hearing aids
  • Repair and replacement service as part of the warranty
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
Better hearing starts with a 30-minute call

The Bloom Safe and Sound Commitment

Bloom are committed to ensuring that you will have the best hearing possible whilst minimising risk and keeping you safe and sound.

  • Their Remote Care service means they can provide support quickly and easily, when and wherever you want it
  • You can remain at home if that is your preference
  • No face to face contact if not appropriate
  • Peace of mind with an extended return period of up to 60 days
The Bloom Safe and Sound Commitment