A Massive “Thank You” to Our Covid Vaccination Centre Volunteers

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We are proud to announce that, as a result of our 5 mass vaccination centres, we have administered over 150,000 Covid vaccines across the country. However, we could not have done so without the incredible work of our volunteers, who gave up their time to go above and beyond in the local vaccination effort. That’s why we held an afternoon tea, to show our gratitude for everything they have done to help us. Keep reading to find out about the event, and why you should get your Covid vaccination in Redditch, Bishop Auckland and all across the UK.

The Volunteers

We have included the gallery above so you can see the smiling faces of our volunteers, who were the most important part of the event. A massive thank you to:

Jazz Khan, Jerry Shields, Andrea Paice, Fiona Leason, Beth Wolstenholme, Hayley Pullen, Jane Maylor, Janet HF, Jyoti Chauhan, Sue Bosworth, Jeanette Wheatley, Jane Southworth, Hollie Banner, Hibba Razzak and Jay Dabhi.

Their testimonials

As part of the event, we provided tea and cakes, as well as Knights Pharmacy medals and certificates as recognition for all of their hard work. We also could not have done any of what we do on such a large scale without you, our community; your health is always our priority. That’s why we have included the testimonials of our volunteers from the event, to involve you in this fantastic afternoon tea that brought all of our volunteers and staff together.


“Over the past few months, I have attended a number of vaccination centres, on a volunteering basis.
On attending for duty at Knights Palmers Road, Redditch. I was made very welcome with regular changes of duties. Refreshments & comfort breaks were always offered.
I decided to attend here at least twice a week, as it was close to my location and the reception from staff was exemplary.

Out of the blue an invitation went up on the notice board. As an appreciation for all the volunteers an ‘Afternoon Tea’ was arranged.
I would like to thank the whole team for that occasion, a most enjoyable time had by all. It felt like Christmas had come early.

It is such a privilege to be part of a well-oiled team and be appreciated by Knight’s.
I enjoy every minute knowing that people are doing the right thing by getting jabbed.
In this unpleasant crisis everyone from staff, volunteers and management are so friendly and pleasant, it’s a pleasure to attend and volunteer.
I can’t praise them enough, for the treatment shown to all the volunteers and attendees at that event.”

-Bob Jones


Do I still need to get my Covid vaccination in Redditch, Bishop Auckland & beyond?

Getting the Covid vaccination will ensure that you have the best possible protection against the virus, as well as ensuring that you are less likely to spread the virus to those around you. It also makes sure that if you do still get Covid, it will be a milder case. It is especially important to do so this winter, as well as considering booking your flu vaccinations. This is because if you are at a higher risk of experiencing flu or Covid-related complications, having both of them at the same time increases your risk of serious illness.

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This post was written on behalf of Knights Pharmacy by Carla Moore from Pharmacy Mentor