Smoking Cessation Service

Smoking Cessation

Smoking is one of the biggest causes of death and illness in the UK and can lead to cancer, heart disease and breathing problems as well as a variety of cosmetic side effects. Making the choice to stop smoking is a very important first step, but some people find it hard to take the next one.

The good news is that the sooner you stop smoking, the sooner your body can start fighting the negative effects of smoking. Many smokers find that will power alone is not enough to help them kick the cravings, despite their best intentions. From Nicotine gum or lozenges and tablets to inhalators and sprays or patches, there are plenty of smoking cessation aids that can offer a way for smokers to alleviate their cravings and concentrate on kicking the smoking habit once and for all.

Luckily, there is plenty of help and support available, as well as numerous products designed to help you quit smoking. Knights Pharmacy offers a Free NHS-sponsored Smoking Cessation Service where you can find all you need to know to support you in your attempt to quit smoking.

smoking cessation

What is Smoking Cessation Service?

Our Stop Smoking Service helps smokers stub out their cigarettes and free themselves from their addiction. A mixture of consultations, counselling sessions and nicotine replacement products combined with expert advice can make it easier for you to stop smoking for good.

We also know that difficult changes are easier with support, which is why the NHS-supported Stop Smoking Service is the vital step you can take to quitting smoking for good.

Our Free Stop Smoking Service includes:

  • A private and confidential consultation with your Knights Pharmacist
  • Regular counselling sessions
  • Nicotine replacement such as patches, lozenges and gum*
  • A Smokalyser test to assess your carbon monoxide levels**

(Please note that products recommended by the service such as nicotine replacement patches or lozenges may not always be free and varies according to your local NHS Primary Care Organisation).

To find out more visit your local Knights pharmacy today for a private and confidential chat with a member of our pharmacy team. Their expert advice is available without an appointment, up to 7 days a week. Some stores even offer a late-night opening service. To check which pharmacy may suit you, please go to our Store Locator.

You can also find free NHS support through NHS choices, click here to check for your nearest NHS service.

For more information on quitting smoking, please get in touch with us.

*Will vary according to local Primary Care Organisation service criteria & eligibility
**Available in selected pharmacies only