How to Stop Severe Hay Fever Ruining your Summer


Hay fever, commonly known as allergic rhinitis, is characterised by a runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, sinus pressure, and congestion. Hay fever is not caused by a virus, as opposed to a cold. Pollen, dust mites, tiny skin flakes, and saliva from dogs, cats, and other feathered or hairy animals are the main allergens that cause it. These allergens can be found both inside and outdoors. At Knights Pharmacy, we offer effective severe hay fever treatment in Redditch to ensure that you stay comfortable during the allergy season.

How long can severe hay fever last throughout the year?

Hay fever typically peaks between March and September, especially on hot, muggy days. The pollen count is at its peak at this time.

Unlike a cold, which normally lasts one to two weeks, hay fever can last for weeks or even months.

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Natural remedies for severe hay fever treatment

You should feel better and be able to return to enjoying the outdoors in the fresh air thanks to our list of hay fever cures, which range from sipping herbal teas to making regular housecleaning part of your routine.

1. Honey

Even if the science behind honey’s usage in the treatment of hay fever is debatable, it is still one of the most delicious natural medicines available. Consuming 2 tablespoons of locally made honey daily helps your body become less susceptible to local pollen. To give your body time to acclimatise, try this natural remedy three months before the start of hay fever season.

2. Make use of essential oils

Because allergies frequently cause clogged nostrils and congestion, steaming is an effective hay fever home remedy for opening up the airways. Essential oils, especially eucalyptus and lavender, have antihistamine effects on their own, so it’s best to use them in hot water.

severe hay fever treatment in redditch

3. Maintaining a clean environment

Sometimes thorough cleaning is all that is required to treat hay fever at home. Even though it could be difficult to keep your windows closed in the summer, you can help by routinely washing surfaces and windowsills to reduce the quantity of pollen that enters your home.

4. Teas made from herbs

If you enjoy herbal teas, you’ll be pleased to learn that some of them, including nettle tea, are effective at-home remedies for hay fever. Nettle tea contains antioxidants that fight inflammation as well as antihistamines, just like chamomile and liquorice tea do.

What is the strongest antihistamine for treating a severe case of hay fever?


Antihistamine fexofenadine lessens allergy symptoms.

This medication treats the following conditions:

This antihistamine doesn’t make you sleepy. It is less prone to causing sleepiness than other antihistamines. Most fexofenadine products come in tablet form.

Typically, a prescription is required in order to buy it. However, many supermarkets and pharmacies also sell 120mg tablets. You may treat hives with 180mg tablets, which are available without a prescription or over-the-counter. Fexofenadine tablets for kids in the 30mg dosage are only available with a prescription.

severe hay fever treatment in redditch

What should you do if antihistamines are ineffective?

To begin with, make an effort to minimise any hazards that can render your medications ineffective. These include taking the incorrect prescription, starting your allergy medication late, and skipping doses. If you use a prescription nasal spray (which is one of the reasons your allergy medication isn’t working), have your pharmacist frequently examine your technique.

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