Why Do You Need Travel Vaccines to Stay Safe?

travel vaccines near me in Birmingham

travel vaccines near me in Birmingham

If you intend to travel outside the country, you should get vaccinated against some serious diseases that are common in other parts of the world. The vaccinations are designed to protect you from infections such as typhoid, hepatitis A, and yellow fever. Where can I find travel vaccines near me in Birmingham? Continue reading to find out more.

Regardless of where you’re going, it’s critical to get the vaccines in order to stay safe and secure.

Why do you need travel vaccinations?

When you travel outside the UK to another country, you may be exposed to pathogens against which you are not protected. In medical terms, this protection is usually called “immunity,” hence “immunisations.” A lack of immunity can lead to diseases and infections such as yellow fever and hepatitis A which are normally fatal. Getting vaccinated before your trip will help your body develop resistance to these infections.

travel vaccines near me in Birmingham

How do the travel vaccines near me in Birmingham work?

Even though travel vaccines provide immunity against a variety of infections and diseases, they all work in the same way. The vaccine is essentially an injection that mimics the pathogen that causes the infection or disease. This will stimulate your immune system to produce antibodies, which are white blood cells designed to repel the specific infection. As a result, if you are exposed to the virus or bacteria, your defence mechanism will destroy it before it can harm your body.

It is critical that you receive the vaccination at least 21 days before travelling to your destination, and sometimes more. This gives your body enough time to make all the antibodies it needs to protect you as much as possible.

Pharmacists are fully equipped to provide all types of travel vaccinations and antimalarial medication. We also provide you with up-to-date health information and advice prior to your trip. This is done to ensure that you are fully aware of the risks ahead of you before travelling.

Travel vaccines near me in Birmingham

Which vaccinations do I need before travelling?

Before travelling abroad, you should get the following vaccinations:

  • Cholera vaccination: The cholera vaccine is not mandatory for most travellers.
  • Diphtheria vaccination comprises a series of jabs that protect against diphtheria, tetanus, and polio.
  • If you are going to a place where hepatitis A is common and hygiene and sanitation are not observed, you should get a hepatitis A vaccine.
  • Hepatitis B vaccination: When travelling to areas where hepatitis B is prevalent, a hepatitis B vaccine is necessary.
  • Vaccination against Japanese encephalitis
  • Vaccination against meningococcal meningitis
  • Rabies immunisation
  • Vaccination against measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR)
  • Vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis
  • Tuberculosis (TB) immunisation
  • Vaccination against typhoid
  • Vaccination against yellow fever

These vaccines are completely safe, and getting them will help you stay healthy. However, many diseases, such as malaria, are not preventable through vaccination. We do, however, provide antimalarial tablets.


Getting a COVID-19 test

People with and without symptoms can take the test.

You can take an exam for:

  • Yourself
  • Somebody you care about
  • A child who is under your care

Types of coronavirus tests

The two most common coronavirus tests are:

  • PCR testing is primarily for people who are experiencing symptoms
  • For people who do not have symptoms, a lateral flow device (LFD) is used

The type of coronavirus test you should take is determined by why you are being tested and whether you are experiencing symptoms.

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