Why Do You Need a Covid Recovery Certificate?

Certificates demonstrating recent recovery from Coronavirus are now recognised by some countries as acceptable proof of entry. Our pharmacists examine you and, if necessary, provide a Covid-19 recovery letter. This can only be given out seven days following the original positive Covid-19 test. Keep reading to learn more about the Covid Recovery Letter.

What is a Covid Recovery Letter?

A Covid Recovery Letter/Certificate verifies that you have had Covid-19 and recovered, indicating that you have natural immunity against re-infection.

How does the Covid Recovery Certificate work?

To obtain a certificate, you must be able to present documentation of a positive Covid test as well as proof of recovery from the virus. A photo, PDF, or screenshot of your positive Covid-19 NHS notification must be uploaded. This may also be required before departure, so make sure to check the regulations for your destination prior to leaving. We will be able to provide you with the certificate within your selected delivery period if you have presented the relevant documentation. You will get your certificate within 2 to 12 working hours.

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Why do I need a Covid recovery letter?

The Certificate can be used in any case where you need to demonstrate that you’ve recently recovered from Covid-19 and hence pose no risk to anyone. Travelling, attending huge events, and going back to work are some of the most typical uses.

What is the validity of a Covid Recovery Letter?

Your Covid Recovery Certificate is reusable and is valid for the duration of your resistance to the virus. This varies depending on each country: some define it as 30 days, others 180. These validity periods are subject to change, so please double-check before travelling or completing your evaluation.

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Who can get a Covid Recovery Certificate?

Anyone (above the age of 5 in the UK) who’s already recovered from a Covid-19 and has test evidence from within the last 7 to 180 days is considered to be eligible. However, each case will be evaluated by a pharmacist who is bound by professional norms to only provide the letter if they believe it is safe and correct. Please note that the letter is only effective for 90 days in many countries following a positive test, and only 30 days in others, so confirm with your destination prior to purchasing the certificate.

Can I use my certificate for travel?

Yes, the Covid Recovery Letter is most commonly used for this purpose. Please double-check your airline and destination country’s criteria before purchasing.

Can I obtain a letter if I have recovered from Covid-19 but I still get positive results?

Yes, the Covid Recovery Certificate is ideal for you.  After recovering from Covid-19 infection, tests can remain positive for months. A medical evaluation can determine if you’ve recovered and are not at risk of infecting anyone anymore. This is also applicable if you’ve recovered but are still getting positive test results for Coronavirus, despite not experiencing symptoms.

How long after my symptoms have disappeared can I apply for the Certificate?

If you haven’t experienced any symptoms for 48 hours after receiving an initial positive result, you can apply for a Covid Recovery Certificate after 7 days. If you’re travelling within 10 days after receiving a positive test or the onset of symptoms, we advise wearing a mask.

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