Why Should You Get the Yellow Fever Vaccine for Travel?

Yellow Fever Vaccination

If you travel to a place where yellow fever is prevalent, there is a highly effective vaccine that can protect you from getting the disease. Even if you’ve had your vaccination, you should avoid mosquito bites because mosquitoes can transmit deadly diseases like malaria. Getting a yellow fever vaccine before leaving Leeds keeps you safe as you travel.

Who should get the yellow fever vaccine?

The vaccination is given to anyone over the age of nine who is travelling to:

  • South America
  • Central America
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Trinidad

You should receive the vaccine at least ten days before your trip to allow the vaccine to take effect. Wait for four weeks after receiving the MMR vaccine for yourself or your child before going for the yellow fever vaccine.

If a 4-week interval cannot be adhered to, the yellow fever vaccine should be given, but you should consider getting a second MMR dose. Those still at risk of yellow fever can get the vaccine on their own.

If you are in good health and understand the risks of vaccination, and there is a real risk of yellow fever virus at your destination, you can get the yellow fever vaccine (rather than needing it just to get a certificate). Your pharmacist or doctor will talk to you about the possibility of getting sick at your destination as well as the vaccine’s potential side effects. This is to assist you in deciding whether or not to receive the vaccination.

Yellow fever Vaccination

How long does a yellow fever vaccine last?

The yellow fever vaccine protects most people from contracting the disease for the rest of their lives.

Only a small percentage of people travelling to countries where the virus is common should get a second dose of the vaccine. Please contact us if you are unsure whether you need another dose before travelling.

Side effects of the vaccine

Those who are unvaccinated against yellow fever are more likely to experience severe symptoms than those who have.

After vaccination, one out of every three people develops:

These side effects usually subside within two weeks. In very rare cases, more serious side effects can happen, like an allergic reaction to a part of the vaccine.

Yellow Fever

Is the yellow fever vaccine mandatory?

Yellow fever shots are mandatory for visitors travelling to some countries. As a result, all visitors to places where the disease is common need the vaccine.

Can I travel if I don’t have a yellow fever vaccination certificate?

If there is a contraindication to the vaccine, your pharmacist may decide not to administer it. The same situation could arise if it is determined that the risk of serious vaccination side effects outweighs the risk of disease. A medical exemption certificate may be issued if the risk of illness is deemed low. This should only be done with your permission. However, medical exemption certificates are valid for one trip only.

When travelling, avoid mosquito bites as much as possible because the vaccine will not protect you from any potential diseases.

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