How do I quit smoking for good?

How to quit smoking Bromsgrove, Stockton

In the UK, local quit smoking services are not only free and friendly but can also greatly increase your possibility of quitting smoking for good. Knights Pharmacy will guide you on how to quit smoking in Bromsgrove & Stockton, with our quit smoking service.

The service is offered by qualified pharmacists, thereby providing a variety of methods that are proven to help one quit smoking. Our advisers offer accurate and personalised advice and professional assistance during the first months of the quit smoking program.

how to quit smoking Bromsgrove, Stockton

Accessing affordable and easy stop smoking treatments is guaranteed after signing up for the service. These treatments include:

Varenicline (Champix)
Bupropion (Zyban)
Nicotine replacement therapy, such as nicotine patches and gum

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How to quit smoking in Bromsgrove & Stockton, with various treatment options

During your first meeting, we will discuss with you the available NHS quit smoking treatments. These options include:

– Nicotine replacement products (including patches, gum, lozenges, inhalators, and mouth/nasal sprays)
– Stop smoking tablets e.g. Champix (varenicline) and Zyban (bupropion).

Research shows that e-cigarettes can aid people who want to quit smoking. However, they are not presently available as medicines. As a result, the e-cigarettes are neither supplied by the quit smoking services nor prescribed on the NHS.

Get support and advice from one of our pharmacists if you would like to use an e-cigarette.

how to quit smoking Bromsgrove, Stockton

Self-help tips for how to quit smoking in Bromsgrove & Stockton

Making minor changes in your lifestyle can have a greatly positive impact on your quit smoking journey. These tips may include:

– Surround yourself with non-smoking friends and family
– Get into a stop smoking program
– Start exercising daily
– Create a list of reasons you want to quit smoking
– Change your diet and drinks
– Stay positive about your progress
– Have enough rest
– Stay motivated

The first stop smoking session with Knights Pharmacy

At your first appointment with one of our pharmacists, you’ll discuss reasons for smoking and why you desire to quit. In addition to that, you’ll talk about your previous quit smoking attempts.

We will measure the quantity of carbon monoxide – a toxic gas found in a cigarette using a breath test. This will determine the level of the gas inside your body.

In case you are not sure about quitting smoking before starting our program, discuss your circumstances with the pharmacist. Setting up an action plan and your quit date is generally within a week or so.

how to quit smoking Bromsgrove, Stockton

Stopping relapse

It’s a general rule to have weekly one-on-one or contact via phone with your counsellor or us. This applies for the first four weeks after you stop smoking, then less often for the following weeks.

During the meeting, you’ll get a prescription of the recommended quit smoking treatment and have the level of carbon monoxide checked. This is a way of motivating you since it indicates how your body is recovering.

We will always be there to guide you, especially when you can’t control cravings and require help.

Pharmacists and counsellors help identify tough situations that may tempt you to relapse and start smoking again. They are highly qualified and will offer tips on the best ways to stay healthy, quit smoking, and avoid these circumstances.

You can visit one of our branches in the UK to start your quit smoking journey today!

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